About Us

  • Our school was founded in 1931 by Dr. Chen Huanzhang, the director of the Confucius Academy. The Confucian Education Secondary School was established on the entire Kwun To building at No. 131 Third Street, with Dr. Chen serving as both principal and director. He was succeeded by Zhu Ruzhen, and during the occupation of Hong Kong, the school was temporarily closed.

    After the war, Mr. Lu Xiangfu became the director of the school, which was renamed Tai Shing School. Due to the inadequacy of the old school building, a new school was established in 
    Wong Tai Sin to promote Confucian teachings, and it was named the Confucian Academy Tai Shing Secondary School. A primary school and evening school were also established, and they began classes in September 1963.

    In 1994, Tai Shing Secondary School moved to a new location, and the school's board of directors decided to allocate all classrooms to the primary school section, so our school has sufficient classrooms to offer full-time primary education, in addition to the curriculum mandated by the Education Bureau. 
    Moral education classes based on Confucianism are also offered to students in grades one through six, to teach them about the teachings of Confucius and Mencius, as well as the philosophy of the ancients, to help them build a solid foundation for living and interacting with the world.