Lunch Arrangement

The lunch arrangements are as follows:

  1. Students are permitted to bring their own lunches to school.

  2. Lunch can be ordered at school by the students.

  3. The lunch service provided by "Danny Food Limited" will continue to be used this academic year. If parents arrange for their children to order lunch, please refer to the monthly distributed "Lunch Order Form."

  4. Upon submission of the full book grant certificate to the school, students may apply for "free lunch at school."

  5. To ensure the quality of lunch, 2-3 supervising teachers will taste the food before lunch daily. If there are any issues related to lunch, the school will follow up and handle them.

  6. If parents desire to send lunch to school, please take note of the following: Place the lunch box with the student's name and class outside the school's office in the designated area. School staff will deliver the lunch box to the student.

  7. After lunch, students must take their lunch boxes back home. To promote the students' dietary health, it is not recommended for parents to prepare high-fat or deep-fried foods as snacks or drinks for their children to eat at school, such as potato chips, chocolate, soda, candy, etc. Instead, fruit is recommended.