Overseas Exchange Program (2023-2024 Academic Year)


  1. Provide students with opportunities for overseas learning.
  2. Broaden their international perspectives and further understand the cultural characteristics of different places, thereby enriching their learning experiences.

2023 October


Ningbo and Zhoushan

2024 January



2024 January



2024 January


Alishan, Taiwan


4th Grade Ningbo and Zhoushan Sister School Exchange Program (6 days).


October 27, 2023(Friday) to November 1, 2023 (Wednesday).


To broaden students' horizons, foster an understanding of different countries, and provide them with valuable learning experiences, we have organized a 6-day exchange program for 4th-grade students with our sister schools in Ningbo and Zhoushan. The program aims to familiarize students with the history of Ningbo and facilitate cultural exchange with students from our sister schools. The itinerary includes visits to prominent landmarks in Ningbo, as well as participation in international cultural exchange activities during the Sister School International Culture Week.


Day 1:

We will start our journey to Shenzhen Airport→We will take a flight to Ningbo→We will proceed to Ningbo and check-in at the designated hotel.

Day 2:

Visit Nantang Old Street.→Visit Tianyi Pavilion.→Head to Zhoushan Lücheng Yuhua School.

Day 3-5:

Participate in the International Cultural Week exchange activities at Zhoushan Lücheng Yuhua School.

Day 6:

Take a flight back to Shenzhen Airport.→Take a tour bus back to the school for dispersal.